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Current Fellow


Mackenzie Anderson,




Mackenzie Anderson is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry working under advisor Dr. Richard Kaner

As an undergraduate pursuing her BS in Chemistry/Materials Science (UCLA 2017), Anderson contributed to membrane research at UCLA and atmospheric/analytical chemistry at Oak Crest Institute of Science.


Anderson joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA as a PhD student in 2017. She now focuses her research on materials for chemically tolerant and selective membranes as well as coatings for the reduction of mineral scale on desalination membranes.


An NSF Innovation at the Nexus of Food Energy and Water Systems Trainee, Anderson views her research in the context of sustainable water management. She has had the opportunity to be a leader in campus sustainability infrastructure planning and broaden her understanding of water systems through research on remote sensing of Earth's water at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NWRI-SCSC Graduate Fellowship

SCSC established a fellowship dedicated to managing salinity in water resources in collaboration with the National Water Research Institute. The NWRI-SCSC Fellowship grants up to $10,000 a year for two years to support a graduate student whose research addresses the critical need to remove or reduce salt in water supplies.


Research areas that we support include engineering sciences, physical and chemical sciences, biological sciences, health sciences, political sciences, and planning and public policy. A few examples of SCSC research interests are:

  • Wastewater concentrate management

  • Institutional and regulatory issues

  • Economics of reducing salinity

  • Innovative treatment technologies

  • Regional and watershed planning solutions

  • Public education and awareness

  • Recycled water and wastewater treatment


Application Requirements

The fellowship is available to graduate students in good standing from any academic institution in Southern California, which is defined as: north to south between Santa Barbara and San Diego, and extending from the Pacific Coast east to the border with Arizona and Nevada. Please note that students must be enrolled in a Southern California academic institution to receive the fellowship. 

Application information is on the NWRI website.

For questions about the fellowship, please email the Fellowship Coordinator.

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