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Salinity Management Study Update Workshop


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Date: Friday, June 1, 2012


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Headquarters Building, Board Room

700 N. Alameda Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012-2944

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About the Salinity Management Study

In 1999, MWD and the USBR published the Salinity Management Study, which presented the findings and recommendations of an investigation of the impacts of total dissolved solids (TDS) or salinity in Southern California.  The report discussed salinity problems and needs; evaluated salinity management strategies; and developed a salinity management policy and action plan.  The goal of the report was to encourage the management of both local and imported sources of salt to the region to achieve a long-term salt balance.

Mark Norton of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority was a workshop presenter.

A decade later, water and wastewater agencies are still looking to manage salinity and its impacts. In addition, they are being required to develop salt/nutrient management plans to protect groundwater basins from salt loading and to assist in the development of recycled water projects. As a result, a need exists to update components of the 1999 Salinity Management Study to reflect the current state of knowledge and activities, including changes in supplies and increased recycling.

About the Workshop

In anticipation of updating the 1999 Salinity Management Study, the USBR, MWD, and SCSC held an interactive workshop with key stakeholders – MWD member agencies, water and wastewater agencies, regulators, trade associations, and more – to revisit salinity challenges and potential solutions to salinity management issues in Southern California.  The results will be summarized in a workshop report with findings and recommendations for an update to the 1999 Study.

Workshop Objectives

  • Assemble key stakeholders engaged in salinity management issues.
  • Provide an overview of the 1999 Salinity Management Study and Action Plan progress.
  • Identify current salinity management issues and strategies based on multiple perspectives.
  • Document input from stakeholders for inclusion in a workshop summary report.

Workshop Presentations

Workshop Handouts

  • Salinity Management Study Update Objectives

    Describes the four objectives of the upcoming update to the 1999 Salinity Management Study, being undertaken by USBR, Metropolitan, and SCSC. (1-page)

  • Pre-Workshop Survey Results

    Highlights the results of a pre-workshop survey taken by workshop attendees and other stakeholders on salinity issues. The purpose of the survey was to to assist in identifying key points for discussion at the workshop and to address in the 1999 study update. (6 pages)



Workshop Report